The ULTRANET Electricity Highway and My Involvement in the Last Exit at Philippsburg

ULTRANET is a new, approximately 340 km-long high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line between Osterath in North Rhine-Westphalia and Philippsburg in Baden-Württemberg. It is a project run by the transmission system operators Amprion and TransnetBW and will constitute what is known as a “multi-terminal”. The plan is to use existing tower systems for much of [...]

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The era of genius engineers is over and is giving way to agile team play – Fichtner’s Vision Lab

The great inventions of world history originated in the study rooms and later in the legendary garages of clever people. Geniuses like Nikolas Tesla, Graham Bell and Albert Einstein have produced life-changing innovations through their individual pioneering feats. But those days are over. The Sixth Assessment Report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate [...]

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Fichtner TenderCube – A Development of the VisionLab

“Ambitious climate targets are not achievable with conventional technologies. The key lies in innovations.” – In the Fichtner blog article entitled “Dynamic innovation management: the Fichtner VisionLab” published in February 2020, Dr. Jochen Lambauer spoke about innovations developed by the Fichtner VisionLab. But what are they? There is initially a temptation to think big. But [...]

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Fichtner H₂-Optimizer – From the Idea to a Functioning Tool for Optimizing, Evaluating and Dimensioning Hydrogen Systems

Be it for investors, project developers or future operators – I have dealt with similar questions from our clients time and again: “How should an electrolyzer be designed and operated? What is the optimum H2 storage capacity? How high are the hydrogen production costs? Is it all worth it economically?“ About a year ago, I [...]

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Hydrogen and the UK Market

Introduction Hydrogen, and humanity’s uses for it, have been around for a while. We use it to process fossil fuels, as a feedstock for fertiliser, and in large quantities in the food industry. However, the talk of hydrogen has expanded recently, from these more industrial uses into the power sector. Governments the world over have [...]

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FICHTNER Talks 2020 – Online Premiere

Held in September every year, the FICHTNER Talks are a regular fixture on the calendar of the energy sector. This does not change even for the corona pandemic, so this year they took place online. In this blog, I report on the struggle for an arc of suspense and the story of how the event [...]

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FICHTNER Forum HYDROGEN 2020 – What will we use hydrogen for in the future?

Why are we organizing the FICHTNER Forum HYDROGEN? As we have been active in the hydrogen sector for 30 years, we have a large network and masses of market knowledge, which we believe enables us to contribute to the development of the hydrogen sector. In many discussions with clients, we have found that our opposite [...]

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What to expect from battery solutions deployment?

Renewable energies are spreading in Europe and in particular in Italy, where their importance is even more marked by the expected future coal phase-out and the strong commitment to reduce emissions. Although renewable development is necessary and desirable, it brings with it a few problems of which the most important is the growing risks of [...]

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Networking and new ideas for a clean future at the Fichtner Hydrogen Forum 2019

The push for decarbonization of the energy, industry and mobility sectors is one of the major challenges of our time. Hydrogen has the potential to make a key contribution here by providing a storable, carbon neutrally produced energy source. At Fichtner, we believe that we can make a valuable contribution to the development of the [...]

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