Eight Hours Off-Road for a 30-Minute Site Visit

Eight hours’ off-road driving for a 30-minute site visit? It seems excessive, but that is what happened when I was invited by the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) to visit Devil’s Gorge as part of a proposal preparation. And let me tell you, it was worth it. Devil’s Gorge is one of Zambia’s hidden gems, tucked [...]

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The Terra Australis of the Wilhelma | A Piece of Australia in Stuttgart

As a large engineering design firm, we often find ourselves dealing with interesting clients and projects, but this particular assignment was an unusually wild one. Koalas are set to be introduced to the Wilhelma zoo in Stuttgart for the first time, where they will fascinate visitors big and small. Along with the kangaroo, the koala [...]

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From left to right: Lisa Heimbach, Xenia Schäfer, Camilla Marchesini, Charlotte Steinmetz, Caroline Pflieger Whether in the fields of climate protection, energy, environment, mobility, digitalization or research – it is also female engineers who are designing and developing innovative ideas, processes, and technologies that are helping to change and hopefully improve the world. So maybe [...]

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Glückauf! Underground in the Konrad mine

From “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas” to “Journey to the Center of the Earth” … in his novels from the second half of the 19th century, Jules Verne wrote of a fascination with the depths. Even today, it is difficult to imagine what things and circumstances may be found down there. It felt just [...]

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Real-Time Renderings and Videos: Design Planning as a Live Experience

Nowadays, innovative architects use extra tools when presenting their designs to help persuade clients: virtual reality, real-time renderings, photorealistic images or interactive presentations can facilitate a decision in the design process. I have known this at least since working on my current project: I am currently designing a technology center near Nuremberg for a German [...]

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