To Hanoi in 90 Days – A Posting in Times of Covid

A lady working at Frankfurt Airport approached us with a puzzled look on her face and an apologetic smile. She said we were in the wrong queue and would have to walk a little further to the Condor check-in counters for the vacation flights, since this was the queue for a Condor special flight that [...]

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Volunteer Work and Profession – An Enrichment for Both Sides

I have been a member of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) since studying at the University of Stuttgart. As a member, I received the VDI’s news journal along with two other technical journals free of charge and had the opportunity to attend conferences at a discount. Even back then, I was very interested by [...]

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COVID-19 in the Philippines – The Journey Home

More than five months after the first corona cases and following lengthy lockdowns, curfews and travel restrictions, the virus is still not under control in the Philippines. Quite the opposite. The number of new infections has been rising again in recent weeks and has now reached 3,000 to 5,000 per day. In Greater Manila and [...]

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Recruiting Team: No Matter Where, No Matter When – We’ll Find the Right New Employee

“This is now urgent! Our civil engineer is leaving the power plant construction site in Saudi Arabia for health reasons, so I need a new one now! Get me someone as soon as possible! What do you mean you need a staff requisition form first?” This is more or less how a typical day at [...]

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COVID-19 in the Philippines – Lockdown in Paradise

Here in the Philippines, the government has taken extreme measures and has now declared a state of calamity throughout the entire country. The main island ‘Luzon’, which is home to Greater Manila, is under lockdown and widespread curfew. More than 50,000 police officers and the military have been mobilized in Manila to enforce the [...]

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